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Brand: TIAM
Wonderfully formulated as a replenishing facial treatment infused with vitamin C, this serum features a superb concentration of 20% L-ascorbic Acid, plus plenty of natural antioxidants to dramatically fight signs of aging, giving you radiant, bright and youthful looking skin. CAPA..
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Brand: TIAM
New Brand of C20 Vitamin Sleep 9 to 5 Crema - 50ml [+ Brightening.+ Soft & Light Texture.+ Increases the absorption of Vitamin C to the skin layer.+ Best quality hydrating ingredients.  [How to use]After nighttime cleansing ritual, apply to the face and neck,a..
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Brand: TIAM
Feature 1. Formulated with highly concentrated pure vitamin C, vitamin B12 and  glutathione, delivers a maximum effect of vitamin C deep into skin while helping in skin calming. 2. Interrupts melanin synthesis and the transfer of melanin and prevents melanin from developing  that cause freckles ..
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[TRUE ISLAND] All Bee Venom Multi Solution Cream 55ml
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Brand: TIAM
  Product Description- Description Apply Special Cream contains bee venom, propolis, and royal jelly to relieve skin troubles as moisturizer. Contains 5% bee venom Bee venom, honey extracts, propolis extract and royal jelly extracts in skin rejuvenating cream relive fatiqued and irrita..
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