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Brand: Laneige
Product DescriptionLaneige is launching the All Day Anti-pollutipon Dfensor with Dust Block TM using a magnet mechanism reflecting negative charges , based on the insight that particulate matter has a net negative charge . Laneige All Day Anti-pollution Defensor with Dust Block TM reflects parti..
[LANEIGE] Basic Care Trial Kit 2 Items
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Brand: Laneige
[Features][Sample] [Laneige] Basic Care Trial Kit #Ultra Moisture (2 Items)Essential Power Skin Refiner_Ultra Moisture 15ml : Highly moisturizing skin refiner that prepares very dry skin and supplies hydro energy quickly and efficiently.Highly moisturizing skin refiner delivers rich, clo..
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Brand: Laneige
Brightens inside and outside skin! “Whitening BB Cushion” makes skin look clear and bright with dual whitening care 1. Expresses ultimate bright skin without darkening! Technology applied to cushion for the first time! Sparkling Coat™ Pigment Technology coated with pearl and ..
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Brand: Laneige
Purpose : Feel highly moisturized skin from the very first skincare step by just applying Cream Skin Refiner in which a whole cream is melted into and makes you feel like you finished whole skincare already.How to use : At both morning and night skincare step, take an appropriate amo..
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[LANEIGE] Delight Pop Best Sellers Holiday Edition Trial Kits 5 Items
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Brand: Laneige
100% AuthenticLaneige Water Bank Essence Ex 10 mlLaneige Water Bank Moisture Cream 10 mlLaneige Water Sleeping Mask 15 mlLaneige Multi Cleanser 10 mlLaneige Lip Sleeping Mask 3g ..
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Brand: Laneige
For sensitive skin, Gentle soothing effect of lychee NEW Fresh Calming line Uneven skin texture!  Sensitive enough to get messed up!Lychee's refreshing soothing effect for dehydrated oily skin 1. Gentler formula!- Good formula that can be used for sensitive skin- ..
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Brand: Laneige
Fresh Calming Gel Cleanser - 15mlFresh Calming Toner -25mlFresh Calming Serum - 10ml Fresh calming line restores your skin’s attractiveness, with Deep Sea Water and Natural Litchi Extract.Moisturizes dry skin and ensures long-lasting clear skin without oiliness.Low-irritant s..
Brand: Laneige
Moist Cream Cleanser The cleanser containing 14.9% highly moisturizing plant-derived oil improves skin’s basic moisture and promotes the absorption of skincare product into the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized for long hours even after washing the face without any taut feel. Key P..
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Brand: Laneige
Laneige Moisture Trial Kit 4 Items 1. 1x Water Bank Essence_EX 10ml2. 1x Essential Power Skin Refiner 10ml3. 1x Essential Balancing Skin Emulsion 10ml4. 1x Water Bank Gel Cream 3ml ..
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Brand: Laneige
Formulated with papain enzyme and blueberry extract, this cleanser exfoliates and removes makeup, sun cream and fine dust, leaving your skin looking bright and clear Multi Deep-Clean CleanserThe cleanser containing plant-derived papain enzyme removes makeup, sun cream, and fine d..
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Brand: Laneige
  Multi Deep-Clean CleanserThe cleanser containing plant-derived papain enzyme removes makeup, sun cream, and fine dust and takes care of dead skin cells. The cleanser containing blueberry extract makes the skin clean and bright.WATER / AQUA / EAU, GLYCERIN, MYRISTIC ACID, STEARI..
Brand: Laneige
Product Benefits :  - Skin refiner that transparent gel penetrates into skin giving moisture and tension .- Ceramaid repair water fills up between dead cells and addressing dryness , a cause of aging , and helping effective elements be absorbed deep into the skin . - 7 cligosacharide..
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